no shopping during lockdown lifehacks

mouse and clock team up

1,For people who working at home:put your optical mouse on either digital or analog alarm clock to disable forced corporate screensavers on your PC or laptop so that even you are away from your computer your boss still think that you are working…


在家办公后公司会通过skype来了解你是否在用电脑从而判断你有没有工作。skype的设定每个公司不同,基本上如果5分钟不碰电脑就会向对方显示下线状态,解决这个问题 使用激光鼠标,在鼠标下方时钟,激光会随着秒针变动而不停活动,这样你的电脑永远是处于使用状态!不用谢!

mobile and cup team up

2.During lock-down with no shopping I have to use a cooking measure cup for my phone stand, surprisingly it makes the phone sounds like the best stereo speaker!!

想像以上的感動! スマホをカップに入れるとスピーカーに大変身。


lets hook up

3.When I work out I want to listen to music, but I don’t have a stand for my phone right now, and also because of lock-down I came out with this idea using bike elastic with hook to hold my phone!



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