Joining a Zoom Meeting for the First Time

This year the number of Zoom users has grown rapidly surrounding concerns for coronavirus (COVID-19). It’s estimated that the company has added 2.22 million monthly active users so far in 2020, while in all of 2019 it added 1.99 million users.

Pros and Cons

+ Video calling – No buffering, automatic adjustment, and very rarely does anyone have to say “can you hear me now?”
+ Audio calling – Perfect and recorded for future review
+ Conference calls – Easy to bring in 10+ parties without any loss in quality
+ Screen sharing – Easy to use, get to choose what window or monitor to share
+ Scheduling – Easy to schedule an event and export to calendar then invite guests
- User experience in scheduling – Every time I go to export to a Google calendar, it makes me re-auth my account then opens the wrong calendar as I’m logged into multiple Google accounts.
- Recording editing – Could use some more robust tools for editing a recorded video/audio before export.
- Air time recording – Does not automatically cut out muted segments with only one participant in recordings.

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