Loquat tree in my yard

The landowner had planted a loquat tree in the frontyard about 20 years ago.I could hardly wait for the small cantaloupe-colored fruits to ripen.

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My wish To a Great Love Tree

I pass by this huge tree growing in Kitatanabe,It has been standing here for 400 years night and day.I wish I were a tree,So I wouldn't wounder around leaving the earth that birthed me,catch the sunshine…

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Old Photos and Coincidence

Today I was fortunate to see a beautiful traditional Japanese painting of a mother and her baby by Oshio Oka during 1930th. I moved to Kitatanabe in February this year. There are several old wooden boxes…

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The Neighbor Cats

I Don't Own A Cat Yet, But This Sunny Quiet Saturday Morning The Neighboring Cats Make My Day! I Wish They Would All Come Into My House For A Cup Of Cat Food!

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