Dalian 2010

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minus 10 degrees in winter in dalian heavy snow causes traffic jams too many cars not enough parking space in Dalian evening rush hour photo taken by me up at 18th floor Hengyuan apartment Dalian train…

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Loquat tree in my yard

The landowner had planted a loquat tree in the frontyard about 20 years ago.I could hardly wait for the small cantaloupe-colored fruits to ripen.

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My wish To a Great Love Tree

I pass by this huge tree growing in Kitatanabe,It has been standing here for 400 years night and day.I wish I were a tree,So I wouldn't wounder around leaving the earth that birthed me,catch the sunshine…

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Kellogg:reduce constipation

There are many thoughts on how to relieve constipation, but one of the simplest and most effectiveways is to increase your daily intake of dietary fibre. Dietary fibre provides bulk to stools and helps to move…

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Simple life①:Live Without a TV

There is no TV in my house. But I don't hate TV, I just exchanged TV with many other things. things to do instead of watching TV Back to books.Learn a new skill.Start a blogDo yoga.Go…

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Joining a Zoom Meeting for the First Time

This year the number of Zoom users has grown rapidly surrounding concerns for coronavirus (COVID-19). It's estimated that the company has added 2.22 million monthly active users so far in 2020, while in all of 2019 it added…

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Brilliant Uses for Steel Wool

A few days ago, a friend from Dalian messages me that she has sent me a parcel. She send me snacks or chinese tea every time so I thought that this time would be the same,…

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Old Photos and Coincidence

Today I was fortunate to see a beautiful traditional Japanese painting of a mother and her baby by Oshio Oka during 1930th. I moved to Kitatanabe in February this year. There are several old wooden boxes…

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Osaka Chinese Morning Market

When I Was Working In Dalian, I Often Went To Work After Eating At Home In The Morning. Occasionally, I Would Eat Ramen, Steamed Dumplings Or Youtiao And Soy Milk On The Way To Work. After…

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no shopping during lockdown lifehacks

mouse and clock team up 1,For people who working at home:put your optical mouse on either digital or analog alarm clock to disable forced corporate screensavers on your PC or laptop so that even you are…

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I miss my mom’s cooking

Here is a list of my mom's cooking hand made corn noodles water dumplings village styled fried eggs chewy pig skin jelly smoked duck eggs traditional blood sausages deep fried silkworm I miss my mom's cooking…

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The Neighbor Cats

I Don't Own A Cat Yet, But This Sunny Quiet Saturday Morning The Neighboring Cats Make My Day! I Wish They Would All Come Into My House For A Cup Of Cat Food!

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